Energy Control Technologies System
ECT provides control solutions for centrifugal and axial compressors, steam & gas turbines, plant air compressors for all types, refrigeration systems.
  • SurgePAC® - Compressor Surge Control with special surge control algorithms
    • Surge Adapter®
    • Surge Preventer®
    • Surge Stopper®
  • LoadPAC® - Compressor Perfomance Control
    • With Interaction Control®
  • NetPAC® - Compressor Network Master Performance Control
    • With “Equal Distance” Loadsharing
Steam Turbines
  • SpeedPAC® - Speed Control
  • API 670 Compliant Electronic Overspeed Trip System
Gas Turbines
  • FuelPAC® - Fuel Control
Human Machine Interface
  • Turbo PACView®
Compressor Process Simulation
  • SimPAC™
The Leading Inovator in Surge Control and Prevention
ECT provides a customer driven control for your machine, and is currently controlling hundreds of machine, all over the world.
Our Advantages
With millions of hours of performance, ECT is more than confident to say that your machine will always run at peak performance, and won’t run away to the mechanic anytime soon.
Superior Control Technology
Project Execution Flexibility
Project Support Flexibility
Lifecycle Cost Saving
Our Doors Are Always Open!
Unlike other system where the software is locked to hardware, ECT is an open platform, where the client can choose which hardware they want to use. ECT is in partnership with Rockwell Automation, but ECT can also be installed on Siemens, etc.
New Construction and Retrofit Project Services
ECT makes sure that you, the customer, will not only get the device, but also all the knowledgebase you need to get you started with our products through:
Applications Engineering and Consulting
Project Engineering
Factory Acceptance Tests
Economic Justifications
Installation Supervision
Simulations and Training
ECT System Contributes in Thriving
Your Plant System Efficiency
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