Sentry Steam Water Analysis System
SWAS is a conditioning system for steam or water sample, conditioning the sample will allow it to be compatible with analyzer specification.
With more than 90 years of experience combined, this system is built to last.
Flow Rate Control
A special valve built by sentry, meant to have a better flow rate control than other valves.
Quality Sampler
SWAS provides only the best performance, allowing you to also get the best result.
Built for Water and Steam based industries.
It’s a machine that doesn’t suck, because it only keeps on giving.
Optimized Water chemistry
SWAS provides the best critical insights to handle water chemistry.
Real time data
Our sample panel systems provide the real-time data and critical insights.
The right system for everyone
The system that is right for custom needs based on EPRI guidelines and over 90 years of experience.
A cool machine
Cooling water mixing skids to achieve precise temperature control without refrigeration when clean water is available.
System’s Product
Sentry Sample Cooler
Primarily function to cool the sample from 30 up to 35°C, with secondary cooler to drop the temperature down to 25°C.
VREL ® Pressure Reducer
Function as pressure reducer allowing it to even with the analyzer’s specification. Rod in tube for 500 psig, and PCV for less than 500 psig.
Thermal Shut-Off Valve
When the temperature at primary sample cooler goes over 49°C this valve will automatically close itself, protecting the components below.
Temperature Control Unit
Function as a “refrigerator” or a cooler that supplies coolant water at 25°C to secondary cooler.
Back Pressure Regulator/ Relief Valve
A component that conditions the sample when the pressure is over 20 psig, the samples are then flowed to the analyzer.
Resin Column
Installed before conductivity analyzer, this component funtion as an ion cation catcher on samples before it went in conductivity analyzer.
Sentry Manifold Switching Valve
Manifold sample valve assures continuously flowing, contemporary samples in conjunction with the Sentry Sample Sequencer 5.
Sentry Sample Sequencer 5
A microprocessor-based system capable of electronically switching a maximum of eight sample streams between four analyzers.
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