Opacity and Dust Monitor
AMETEK 4500MkIII is the most accurate and reliable continuous opacity monitor available, it has achieved the highest possible specification for performance parameters of compliance opacity monitor, as defined by the internationally-recognised ASTM D6216 Standard. Its performance has met QAL 1 requirements according to EN 15267-3. Combined with its unmatched accuracy and simple, problem free design, the model 4500 MkIII will become the perfect answer to your combustion process monitoring needs
Gas Sampling Probe
CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) is a combination of Gas Sampling Probe, Heated Line, Flow Meter Probe, Temperature/Pressure Meter, Dust and Opacity Meter, Sample Conditioning System, Gas Analyzer, and Data Acquisition System. The purpose of CEMS is to keep emission at an acceptable level, and to also provide the required data for monitoring by federal emission programs
Analyzer & Sample Conditioning System
Model 9900 is a wall/rack mountable analyzer that can be used independently, or as a part of CEM system. Model 9900RM supports Modbus/RS485 and Ethernet connectivity. Model 9900RM is a very economical analyzer as it is configurable to measure most gas absorbed by UV (SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, COS, CS2, NH3, and BTX), and measure up to five different components simultaneously. You can explore our sample conditioning system by clicking this button below.
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Weebz Mandiri is experienced in installing and integrating a complete CEMS system with the support from manufactures and capable engineers.
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